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Stop having your annual 2-day strategy seminars “around a table”!

Probably you will only agree on “who is responsible” and “what needs to be done”, but the missing link is to engage all important people across your organisation and get it done.

If not sitting around a table what then?

- Our mobile collaboration lab offers the space and the process for people to work together to accelerate decisions, resolve business issues, design solutions, and to create shared ownership.

How do you accelerate change and decision-making?

- Our Rapid Solution WorkshopTM is a highly facilitated structured and time-controlled process. It promotes focus alignment and efficiency and is a collaborative engaging and fun experience.

How many can participate?

- As many as you feel is important to make the right decisions.

How to ensure documentation?

- We use fully digital support with unique presentation possibilities to ensure all documentation of your strategy workshop. 24 hours after the workshop you will receive a full documentation report of all your work.

In 48 hours you and your team will:

  • Examine potentials and road blockers for future success.

  • Be challenged with new insights and contradictions between the ‘insight-out' and the ‘outside-in' perspective on your company.

  • Identify and prioritize 8-12 focus areas for action.

Deep dive into the impact and value of the focus areas for the company's customers, stakeholders and capabilities.

  • Identify the absolute most important ”battles” to win to achieve success.

  • Develop x-amount of strategic initiatives as well as assess and evaluate their impact on the company's overall goals.

  • Create commitment and ownership - in the team and across silos - for an action plan for the coming year.

  • Ensure that everyone has confidence that the decisions made can work across business areas and support functions.

The Rapid Solution WorkshopTM can help even the most diverse teams engage in tough conversations, that lead to effective interaction and group alignment.

Are you ready to improve your strategy approach?


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