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Transformation is speed and involvement!

Years of research on transformations has shown that the success rate for these efforts is consistently low: less than 30% succeed and only 16% succeed digital transformation (McKinsey, 2021).

McKinsey argues that the trap organizations fall into when thinking about transformations is incrementalism: making a series of small changes. This makes it very difficult to build the momentum an organization needs to break through into new businesses and value.

Similar if you only replace one item in your living room every second month and after a year you have forgot why you wanted to transform your house.

We will also argue that the challenge is NOT the approach to transformation – the challenge is SPEED and INVOLVEMENT.

The fact is that the business world moves quickly, and it requires the organization’s ability to accelerate change and decision making across silos, and not as usual, by the few in top management.

We believe that designed and facilitated collaboration across silos creates alignment and shared ownership to solve any challenges a business will encounter and automatically accelerate successful change and transformation into new businesses and value.


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