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How does your company hold its 2-day annual strategy seminar?

We wonder that even though all recommendations in the management literature and recent research confirm that companies should make use of the existing knowledge in the organization, many continue to let the few make all important decisions for the many. Unfortunately, many organizations overlook that changes must be implemented in and by the culture. Why? Here are some reasons:

- We don't yet understand the value of engaging managers and employees in decision-making. - We don't know how to involve people in our organization in practice. - We think it will lead to more meetings than we already have. And your right in your concerns, if you try to engage and involve the company's managers and employees in the same meeting structures that you want to break. We will argue that to break down barriers between people and silos, we need to put the challenges to be solved at the center. This cannot happen in the classic meeting room, where title, role, and power are maintained, as do the challenges. Therefore, there is a need for new ways of working with strategy and new ways of making decisions. We believe the key to a successful organizational change happens through genuine involvement and collaboration across silos about how, what, and when to execute and implement relevant strategic changes. So, our question for you is: How does your company align people for major change, get results faster, mobilize for action, and solve complex problems? #collaboration #breakdownsilos #rapidsolutionworkshop


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