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Rapid Solution Workshop


What you get.

24-48 HOURS

Highly facilitated, structured and time-controlled process.

Accelerate change and decision-making in strategic planning.

Promotes focus, alignment and efficiency.

A collaborative, engaging and fun experience.

You will examine potentials and roadblockers for future success.

You will be challenged with new insights and contradictions between the ‘insight-out' and the ‘outside-in' perspective on your company.

You will identify and prioritize 8-12 focus areas for action.

You will deep dive into the impact and value of the focus areas for the company's customers, stakeholders and capabilities.

You will identify the absolute most important ”battles” to win to achieve success.

You will develop x-amount of strategic initiatives and assess and evaluate their impact on the company's overall goals.

You will create commitment and ownership - in the team and across silos - for an action plan for the coming year.

You will ensure that everyone has confidence that the decisions made can work across business areas and support functions.

What we do.

Our mobile collaboration lab allow us to operate everywhere!

3 to 300 participants!

Our passion is collaboration and our strength is facilitation. Facilitation is the art of bringing clarity and effectiveness to the work process of groups. To facilitate means ”to make easy” or to remove obstacles.


The Rapid Solution WorkshopTM is a highly structured and highly facilitated process in a creative environment that can help even the most diverse teams engage in tough conversation that lead to effective interaction and group alignment! 

Facilitation involves bringing order to the universe of thoughts around a given topic, and giving back to people what they already know, bringing clarity and building the foundation for effective action. We use sounds, music, lights, props and innovative techniques to facilitate learning in a dynamic and challenging setting.
Our role as advanced facilitators is to design and deliver a process that brings out the best thinking of each participant. It involves setting appropriate boundaries of time, physical space, and agreements that allow groups to work productively. 
facilitate a workshop

Align people for major change, get results faster, mobilize for action and solve complex problems.

How it works.

Make business decisions in hours and days, rather than month and years.

Unleash group genius to craft a more robust and creative solution than any individual effort.

Mobilize diverse stakeholders to implement collectively created solutions.

Reduce rework and extended feedback cycles to accelerate signoff.

Energize participants toward implementing what they have designed.

Collaboration is the act of working together in the spirit of willing cooperation to achieve a shared objective. Collaboration requires people interacting so that their different points of view, bases of experience, and knowledge of the situation, problem and its context can be blended together to create actionable solutions.

Our approach is different from traditional methodologies. We combine a unique collaborative workspace with a structured facilitated process - Learn, Integrate and Transform. 

In 'Learn' we open up the range and depth of vision for the participants. New methods of exploration encouraging participants to look outside the “box” of present practices, and question the hidden assumptions they may be operating under. Diversity is tapped in order to generate an interesting and meaningful exchange of ideas. 


In 'Integrate' we examine assumptions from different vantage points. We look for the “and” (as opposed to the “or”) and the synthesis among good alternatives, while avoiding compromise and voting. The group naturally carries forward the strongest possibilities and iteratively evolves the solution.

'Transform' is about action. Excitement and commitment build as solutions take shape with goals, timelines, and responsibilities. In the end, an entire design cycle (vision, design, build, use) is complete, and has gained the momentum required to take it forward successfully.

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