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Culture + Health.

Translating culture and values into behavior

Culture + Health

Culture is something every company has – it can either be strong or it can be less supportive. The common thing is that culture is always there.


A strong and healthy culture supports the company in how it operates on every level. Even the healthiest culture can fail fast because culture is about people. 


Therefore, some of the natural causes for failing are an internal reorganisation or a merger with another company. It can also be scaling and/or expansion to new countries because of business growth.


All of it with the best business intention but most companies fail to acknowledge that changing the company structure means a lot of confusion for the managers and employees. 


We believe that it’s impossible to instrumentalize a new culture.  The key to a strong and healthy culture not only require buy-in but involvement from all levels of the organization to incorporate values into a clear action-oriented language of “how we work together”. 

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