We are proud to announce that we have relaunched our website...

We are proud to announce that we have relaunched our website this week to emphasis what and how we design and facilitate strategic change with a Rapid Solution Workshop …and more important how we have helped companies to align people for major change in days and weeks instead of months and years.

Rapid Solution Workshop is a highly facilitated, structured and a time-controlled process which can accelerate change and decision making in strategic planning. It promotes focus, alignment and efficiency in a collaborative, engaging and fun way.

Speed is very relevant if you need to accelerate your 2021 business planning to cater for COVID-19 and hit the ground running when you are back to a new 'normal’.

Thanks to our advisers Jens Moberg and Ulrik Bülow who have guided us throughout the years to shape RETHNK and supported our mission to break down silos and change how people collaborate around strategy and implementation!

See how https://www.rethnk.com

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