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Solving problems are not the challenge - but solving the right problems is the real challenge!

9 out of 10 times we tend to jump to solution before we know the actual cause of a problem and many studies - throughout the years - have shown that the higher up the chain you go, the lesser knowledge you have of the actual problems in the operation!

Sure there are KPIs, reports, and lots of data to support decision making but one might ask …is it the right problems they are solving at the top of the organization, and do they have sufficient knowledge of the actual cause of the problems?

Therefore, if your organization struggles with strategy implementation, then you have the answer! Your new strategy does not include the body of knowledge within your organization!

According to Human Development Index (2018), in top 50 countries, the level of schooling is between 15-22 years. This means that today’ organization is extremely well-educated, so why is it that companies don’t put that knowledge to better use?

We believe that actively involving employees to solve problems, you’re not only solving the right problems, you also gain transparency and alignment to the actual cause behind the problems which automatically foster full commitment to the transformation.

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