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RETHNK Academy – 21st skills in Collaboration is in the air with DTU

RETHNK Academy – 21st skills in Collaboration is in the air and we are proud to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with DTU Executive to run our ‘Open Academy’ at their Summer Academy (August 26th – 30th) and Winter Academy (January 27th – 31st).

This 5-day program is a highly interactive, challenging, fun, and intensive learning program that contains a mix of presentations, discussions, reflections, casework, and exchange of experience.

The program also supports the World Economic Forum 2022 skills outlook. In a world of constant change and rapidly expanding knowledge, being an expert can be limiting. No one person can be in control, we are each only a player in relation to other players. We must therefore cast aside the notion of the individual genius and embrace the concept of collaborative intelligence to solve complex problems.

Learn how to break down siloes, get results faster, mobilize for action and solve complex problems with 21st century skills in collaboration. Read more and sign up:

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