It's not silos that are the problem

Increasing complexity often leads organizations to ask us these questions before a strategy workshop: how can we create more transparency? how can we empower our organization? how can we build trust across departments? …and their own conclusion is typically: we need to break down the silos!

Organizations often tend to answer these ques

tions by reorganizing, which leads to added costs and temporary confusion in the operation. It can be meaningful to reorganize but, in most cases, it only generates symbolic value.

It is our experience that it’s NOT silos that are the problem but that lots of organizations suffer from a ‘silo mentality’ as part of their culture. This mentality reflects in how they work together on strategy development and strategy implementation.

Too many problems are attempted solved by a small group of people at a conference table. But no one can be experts in a world that is constantly changing. We need to rethink how we collaborate and co-create to secure alignment and commitment across our organization to balance tasks, people and change.

Why not invite a lot of relevant people to your next strategy session? At RETHNK, we offer the space and the process for people to work together to accelerate decisions, resolve business issues, design solutions, while building shared ownership and alignment. See how at rethnk.com.

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