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#Inspiration: How to increase sales and growth by improving collaboration across silos


The headquarter appointed a new CEO to lead and manage the local entity in Denmark to regain market share and grow the customer base. The new CEO’ challenge was therefore how to mobilize the extended management team to improve collaboration across teams to increase growth and sales.


The results of the 1-day Rapid Solution Workshop was firstly, a clear understanding of the value and necessity to collaborate better together to increase growth and sales. Secondly, they collaborated, calibrated and identified concrete initiatives on how to live the core values including increase fun in the daily collaboration. Thirdly, discussed and aligned on how to provide positive and constructive feedback to each other to increase productive teamwork.


A strong ownership in the extended management team to take responsibility to implement agreed initiatives and behavior to increase growth and sales. An increased awareness on how to apply a healthy feedback culture to improve sales.

Did we mention that they had fun?

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