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#Inspiration: How to break down silos and develop a common identity for 5 merged units?


A new management profile was developed and communicated by the executive leadership in a large municipality in Denmark to be implemented. 5 units were merged into one logic division with a new appointed director. The newly formed leadership team’s challenge was how to create cohesion between distributed units with a common professional foundation for corporation and operation.


The results of several 1-day and 2-day Rapid Solution Workshops was firstly insights, alignment and commitment in the new leadership team to the requirements and expectations of the new management profile.

Secondly, each unit was separately engaged in team dynamics to adopt a common language for collaboration across all units.

Thirdly, all employees identified and developed 6 new common values for the whole division.

Fourthly, each unit discussed and aligned on how they would implement and adopt the values to a new way of working.


Enabled the new leadership team to become ambassadors for the implementation of new management profile in each unit.

Achieved commitment from all employees on important principles for ’How to Work’ together to reduce barriers and obstacles in their everyday work life.

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