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How to break down silos and create commitment when the board ask for 15 percent growth each year?


The challenge for the CEO and his leadership team was how to accelerate a common understanding, within the whole organisation, the need for implementing necessary changes that would realize the board’ growth targets for the company.


The results of the 2-day Rapid Solution Workshop was firstly, four identified Must Win Battles on how they will achieve their 2-year strategy together. Secondly, the group developed several project initiatives that were tied to the Must Win Battles. Among these, the group prioritized 18 initiatives to detail the quality and robustness into project mandates which thirdly, was collaboratively aligned across all business areas in a Transformation Map.


Executive leaders incl. extended management team committed to a 2-year guiding strategy and an implementation plan for the coming year.

Achieved joint ownership on decided scenario and ensured that minimum 85% of employees clearly understand the strategy and their own role in that strategy.

Ensured that everyone had confidence that the decisions made can work across business areas and support functions.

Did we mention that already after 12 months they achieved the board’ target by more than 25%?

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