Collaboration Lab Becomes Part of RETHNK - Press Release

RETHNK creates spectacular and transformative workshops, which ensures sustainable organisational adoption and change. RETHNK acquires Collaboration Lab to strengthen their position in the market as the chosen collaboration partner.

Since 2005 Collaboration Lab has designed and delivered more than 150 projects to organisations across industries in 12 countries in Europe and in North America.

Mads Jensen, Collaboration Lab: It is with great satisfaction that I hand over Collaboration Lab to RETHNK. I have had 10 great years and made a huge impact on many companies across Europe and North America with the MG Taylor approach. It is with great confidence that I hand over the company to RETHNK because I know we share the same passion and knowledge for collaboration.

Jesper Sonne and Carsten Arnfjord Thomsen, RETHNK: It is with huge pleasure that RETHNK acquires Collaboration Lab. Acquiring the brand and the mobile learning environment - Collaboration Lab - are a great fit for RETHNK. We use the environment to create spectacular and transformative learning experiences based on the organisational culture. The process is inspired from combining MG Taylor methodology, Design Thinking and Critical Thinking.

Mads Jensen will be associated with RETHNK as a strategic advisor.


  • Human values​ are at the heart of RETHNK's collaborative approach. Our vision is to promote the development of sustainable change to solve complex societal and business challenges with both local and global impact.

  • We create spectacular and transformative learning experiences based on organisational culture. Participants learn through organised processes to develop and provide creative solutions to almost any challenge by combining MG Taylor methodology, design thinking and critical thinking.

  • RETHNK ​is for companies that want to make a real sustainable change by "boundless" co-creation within the organisation. This is the prerequisite for creating sustainable change.

We also changed our logo!

For more information go to http://rethnk.com and http://collaborationlab.com

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